About BridgeMAXX

bridgemaxx sign

Located at the corner of North A and North 10th Streets

BridgeMAXX internet is unique in an increasingly aggressive market due to its use of WiMAX technology to provide an alternative high speed internet option to customers. With competitive pricing plans, BridgeMAXX guarantees to fit your budget, and offer great broadband speeds.  BridgeMAXX strives to be an important part of each city they serve, not only by providing network services to individuals and small businesses, but by participating in community events and working with local companies to make the town more productive overall.   BridgeMAXX has been serving the Indiana community since late 2005, and was recently purchased by Altius Communications in the summer of 2012. The company offers individual and business broadband internet, phone service, and has recently partnered with Direct TV. Visit our website at www.bridgemaxx.com

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