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Where does the internet go?

Do you ever stop to wonder exactly where the internet is located? With words like “cyberspace” and “the Cloud” floating around in everyday lingo, many of us just assume its somewhere in the air, existing like oxygen. Something we can’t really see, but we know it’s there. And for most of us, our lives depend on it. (Okay maybe not as much as oxygen, but if I don’t get to check Facebook at least once a day I may just die.)

We often take for granted exactly what happens when we open our browsers, apps, or games and log onto an internet service. For example, did you know that your service could be delayed or slowed depending on the route the internet takes to get to your destination?

Think of it like a GPS. You’re sending your internet on a very important road trip. Destination: Netflix. When you use Netflix, your internet signal is sent along an imaginary route to bring you the videos you want to see. Normally your signal goes through your modem, hits the edge of your ISP’s network and then bounces around until it finds the right path, making five to ten stops at other servers before getting to Netflix. Your signal is basically backpacking through Europe that “one summer when you were in college.”

BridgeMAXX has peered with the world’s largest data center, located in Chicago, to help your signal find the quickest route to its destination. In doing so, we have created a “fastest trip time” roadmap to servers from companies like Netflix, Microsoft, Yahoo! and Google. Don’t worry about your internet GPS “rerouting” constantly.


BridgeMAXX peers with the largest data center in the world

Now, when you want to stream your favorite shows, you’ll have less influence from outside sources (Think McDonald’s billboards telling you to exit now for a juicy Big Mac) and you’ll head on straight to your destination. You internet signal goes from the edge of our network straight to the data center in Chicago, where it hits Netflix’s server. That means your upload is better, the quality of your show is better, and your whole experience is better. This direct route cuts down on latency issues which cause slow loading and buffering.

Peering is just one way BridgeMAXX has developed their network to provide excellent internet service to customers in the Indiana market.

While taking the scenic route may be fun for a little while, sometimes you just want to get where you’re going and get there fast. For those times, there’s BridgeMAXX Wireless Internet Service.

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