Field Techs Bear The Cold in Liberty

BRR! It’s cold out there. Last week, our field techs endured some seriously bitter weather in order to upgrade our equipment in Liberty. On Wednesday, February 18th, Field Techs Michael, Jed, and Chase braved the cold, snow and wind to install a new Omni repeater and back haul system at the top of a grain elevator.

The repeater has 360 degree directional amplification off our tower, located northeast of Liberty near North Stone Road and County Road 350 North. By adding this new equipment, BridgeMAXX can now serve more customers from our main tower in Liberty. This has also given us the opportunity to increase our speeds up to 10Mb to our customers in that area.

Check out the pictures of our installation below. What do you think? Look Cold enough?

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Liberty, Indiana

View from the grain elevator.

Liberty Back Haul

ePMP Force 1000 is the latest technology used by BridgeMAXX.

Omni antenna in Liberty Indiana

Omni antenna has multi-directional broadcast capabilities.

Liberty Router

Our routers are safe from the elements thanks to this weather-proof box.

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