New Equipment-Better Service-Connersville & Liberty


Liberty! Connersville!

Did you know that BridgeMAXX recently installed new equipment that can increase capacity and reach a larger area? That means we can provide better service to more customers in your neighborhood.

The new equipment, called ePMP, was developed by Cambium Networks so internet providers like us can offer our service to more customers, and at better speeds. With the installation of this new 5 GHz equipment, our service to Connersville and Liberty will be more stable, allowing our subscribers better connectivity.

So what does all this mean for you? Our valued subscribers?

The ePMP equipment allows us to provide more bandwidth to our existing customers, leading to more consistent speeds, a lot less buffering when binge watching your favorite streaming shows, and less noticeable slow-downs during peak times. Basically, you get better internet all around.

Current customers in Liberty and Connersville can benefit from the increased internet speed capability of ePMP technology, as we can now offer speeds up to 8Mbps.

Also, the equipment gives us the opportunity to extend our service to customers who may have been on the edge of our coverage area. BridgeMAXX installed two new access points that extend our network, located northwest of Connersville and northeast of Liberty.

To see if you qualify for faster speeds or new installation, or for any other questions contact our office:

By phone: 1-888-295-3424


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