ZigWireless Becomes BridgeMAXX

We’d like to welcome all of our customers from the Anderson area, who formerly received service from ZigWireless.

Jim Connor, President of BridgeMAXX, sent the following email to customers:

“Back in May of 2014, BridgeMAXX, out of Richmond, IN purchased the ZigWireless network.  Since then, we’ve spent thousands of dollars adding capacity, increasing reliability and introducing a 10mbps plan offering in some areas as we integrated the ZigWireless network with our other Indiana based networks that operate in and around Richmond, Centerville, Liberty and Connersville.

Effective May 1, 2015, ZigWireless will take on the BridgeMAXX name.    The employees, your service and your monthly charge will remain the same, while we will continue to enhance the network and continue adding more high speed services.

Thank you for being a loyal customer and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!”

There’s no change to your service or your bill. The only difference you may notice is the increased customer service, backed by the BridgeMAXX reputation. Thank you for your support a we continue our transition.

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